3 Reasons Why You Have to Watch ‘How to Get Away with Murder’

If you haven’t already heard about it from your obsessed friends, “How to Get Away with Murder” is arguably one of the best TV shows of all time.  The star of the show, Professor Annalise Keating, gets entangled with four particular law students from her class. The twist is that they are unaware of the fact that what they learn in class must be applied to real life, legal or not. If you’re not already hooked, here are three reasons why you should watch the show.

1.  Hot cast

It should go without saying that Professor Annalise Keating is incredible—she’s intelligent, alluring and seductive. What more could you want? Plus, if you like your men tall, dark and handsome—well, look no further. And did we forget to mention that Bonnie Winterbottom, also known as Paris from Gilmore Girls, is a character in the show?

2.  Story within a story

Not only does this show have a great storyline, but it also pulls you in further with every minute you watch. We promise you’ll be hovering on the edge of your seat and clenching your fists in tension with all the drama, suspense and mind-boggling action. By the end of every episode, you’ll be drooling to know what happens next.

3.  Play detective

We all like to pretend every once in a while, but what’s more fun than trying to solve a murder mystery? You’ll probably end up watching the same episode twice just to make sure you’re picking up on all the right clues. You’ll be amazed at what you didn’t notice the first time, which will send your brain into a frenzy.

Whether you want to kill some spare time or unravel an intricate crime, “How to Get Away with Murder” should be at the top of your procrastination list. Already a fan? Tell us your favorite thing about the show—no spoilers!

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