Tuning In: Heart, Soul and Electronic Bass

Welcome to our newest column, Tuning In! Each week, our musical maniacs will take a break from their Spotify playlists and tune into their favorite songs, hidden gems and guilty pleasures of the week. The best part? You can listen to them all right here.  

Get your groove on this week with four new music selections: Fyfe, Movement, Autre Ne Veut and James Blake. Don’t worry if you have never heard of these artists, just be prepared to share them all with your friends shortly after you become obsessed with the four songs below.

'For You' - Fyfe
Call it what you want, this man is talented.

Paul Dixon, better known as the artist Fyfe, has been blaring through the hallway outside of my door for quite awhile now. Since his days as the man behind the band David’s Lyre (another great artist to check out), it is evident that his sound has matured into the deep, soulful punch-of-awesomeness that is “For You.”

Now stop reading this and dive back into the heaven on Earth that is Fyfe.   

'Ivory' - Movement
Let’s hope your speakers can do enough justice to the base in this next track .

Movement’s “Ivory” is not a song to just listen to without tapping your foot a little bit, bobbing your head back and forth or even closing your eyes and listening to the duet between heart and soul that is seducing your eardrums: it is an anthem to your inner spirit animal.

So keep on swaying and don’t be afraid to bust out the extra groovy dancing for this one.   

'Counting' - Autre Ne Veut
Warning: this song’s use of brass instruments will catch you off guard, but you’ll secretly love it.

For me, I was completely taken aback when the sound of a frightened elephant snuck into the background of this otherwise smooth masterpiece. After a few replays, however, it really hit me: what better way to express the feelings of anguish and desperation than the screech of an abrasive brass instrument. If I’m really “counting on the idea that you’ll stay,” then my heart is screaming like a herd of African elephants too. 

'Retrograde' - James Blake
 Did I save the best song for last? Probably.

James Blake Litherland, or more commonly known as the artist James Blake, is one soulful man singing like a full choir of angels. Never before have I heard a man hum as beautifully as Mr. Litherland, and I doubt anything will ever get close. Great song, James Blake, and even better job at hiding your goofy last name.

For now, just jam out to this little slice of perfection.


Stay tuned for another playlist of songs next week. Until then, feel free to overplay these ones. I know I already have.


Our Rating

6 Use of Instruments

10 Use of Computers

10 Heart and Soul

8 Lyrics

10 Can I Dance to This?

This rating was the product of hours and hours of deliberation and cold, harsh judgment. The values assigned to each category are the result of scientific fact.


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