Tuning In: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Soul

Each week, our musical maniacs will take a break from their Spotify playlists and tune into their favorite songs, hidden gems and guilty pleasures of the week. The best part? You can listen to them all right here.  

Choo Choo!

Just when I thought the tracks were empty, the soul train tore through my favorite playlists and I hopped on board. Check out the passionate tunes from artists like Jack Garratt, Anna of the North, Chet Faker, and the X Ambassadors this week.

To tune in, just click on one of the songs below and prepare your ears for the sweet nectar of soulful perfection.

'Worry' - Jack Garratt
Jack Garratt seriously redefined my taste in music with this song for one simple reason: versatility. Whether you are fine-tuning a playlist for a night out, filling in the silence during a serious study session, or popping on the headphones for a long walk across campus, this song will get your feet tapping and your body moving. The message of this song is perfect for your well-deserved relaxation: “don’t you worry ’bout it…”
'Sway' - Anna of the North
Anna of the North’s song here is the best of both worlds, lyrically simple yet accompanied by some beautifully complex melodies.  So much of this song can be broken down and appreciated on an individual level, like the echoed vocals and the harmony of the synthesizers playing in the background, yet it doesn’t have to be analyzed at all. This song is perfect for sitting back, closing your eyes, and just “swaying.”
'Talk Is Cheap' - Chet Faker
Brass and trip hop? My favorite. Chet Faker blends the best of soul and electronica in such a way that you’ll be left singing the chorus in the shower until the hot water runs out. As he pours his soul out into the mic, you can’t help but feel his pain and pour yours out with it. My recommendation: listen to the song, learn the chorus, and then wash, rinse, repeat.
'Unsteady' - X Ambassadors
The first time I heard these guys, Jay-Z had used their song to promote the World Cup on American broadcasting. “Won’t you… follow me… into the jungle” was running through my head for a few months until I got the chance to see the band live here in State College. Now I am hooked and I can’t get enough. Check out this song and get hooked as well.


That sums up this week fairly nicely. If you haven’t listened to all of the songs above, then go back up right now and thank me later. Stay tuned for more Tuning In: I’ll see you next time.


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