#WCW: Girl Code’s Carly Aquilino

If you asked people to name some celebrities who never fail to make them laugh, names like Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen may come up. True, these men, among many others, are all without a doubt side-splittingly funny. But, on this #WomanCrushWednesday, Valley wants to focus on a comedian relatively new to the celebrity scene and who is no funny man at all.

24-year-old comedienne Carly Aquilino is well known as a cast member on MTV’s hilarious and painfully relatable Girl Code, but maybe even better known for her wildly bright, ever-changing hair color.

What draws people most to Aquilino is probably her personality – honest, with a healthy dose of wit and sarcasm. Just check out her Twitter for proof.

With over 475,000 followers, Aquilino treats her fans to mini, 140 character stand-up bits several times a day. She tells it like it is and makes you feel like she’s one of your friends spewing hysterical realities.

For example, take the time she tweeted, “If u cry & eat ice cream at the same time it cancels it out bc water weight #science.” This one is gold. How many times have we all come up with crazy justifications for eating unhealthily?

Or, how about this tweet: “WHOS IDEA WAS IT TO HAVE CHEESE GRATERS AS A TOOL AT A NAIL SALON I WANNA TALK 2 U.” We all think it, Aquilino just said it.

But in addition to her humorous personality, she has also used her love of comedy for good.

In 2013, Aquilino and fellow hilarious Girl Code star Jessimae Peluso teamed up with Olay Fresh Effects for their #NoFilter campaign, a movement intended for people to share filter-free pictures of their truest selves with the world.

“Nobody’s trying to look perfect all the time,” Aquilino says of the campaign in an interview with gurl.com. “It’s just real people and their real experiences and so that we can all laugh at ourselves at things that we do. And silly things that happen to us – we can embrace them instead of trying to act like they never happened.”

Aquilino went on to promote a message of self-love.

“I think everyone should embrace themselves for who they are. I think that when you’re young, it’s hard to do that because you just want to look like whoever you see on TV or in the magazines and things like that. Everybody has little things about them that they might feel insecure about, but I think it’s all about embracing every part of you and all that you are.”

So, whether she is delivering the comic truth on TV, working toward positive change, or dying her hair another vibrant shade from the rainbow, Carly Aquilino is certainly worthy of being our woman crush. And that’s girl code.


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