Maximizing the Power of the Sweater

UglyFallSweaters.JessicaLaGrecaNow that it’s October and the leaves are beginning to change colors, we can finally pull our favorite heavy knit sweaters from storage. For most of us, we like to throw our sweaters on over top of a pair of leggings and a cute pair of boots. It’s a simple and easy way to look like you actually tried to put yourself together even though you just rolled out of bed. Instead of wearing your usual go-to, try mixing up your fall flair by styling your best sweaters with these tips.

High-waisted shorts and cable knit tights

Instead of packing your shorts away, you can mix and match your denim with your sweaters, creating endless possibilities. Tuck in your sweater or wear it over your shorts. Try adding a light coat for more of a grunge feel.

Skirt and tights

Try pairing your sweater with a cute, flowy skirt and a pair of tights. You’ll be keeping your legs warm and using your favorite summer pieces.

Over a dress

Match the color of your sweater with tones in your dress and you’re good to go. You can wear knee-high boots with lacy boot socks to complete this look.

Jeans and oversized scarf

If you prefer to wear something more classic, try wearing your sweater with a pair of skinny jeans. You can’t go wrong by adding a comfy, oversized scarf. Pull your whole outfit together with a pair of white tennis shoes for a simple statement.

Samantha Hoppman, an aspiring fashionista, says her favorite way to wear her sweaters is with jeans.

“You can play up your sweaters by adding jeans and a scarf, plus it’s comfortable and easy to mix and match,” says Hoppman.

As your transition your fall wardrobe into winter ready outfits, don’t be afraid to ditch the leggings for something inspired. Share with us in the comments how you style your sweaters!

Photo by Jessica LaGreca

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