A Statement of Sweatpants

DSCN5850 2-2Any fashion groupie is bound to know Karl Lagerfeld’s famous quote: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”

Guess he never saw this one coming.

You may know them as Joggers, maybe as fancy sweatpants, or maybe only as “the cool pants that stylish girl in my class was wearing last week.” Well either way you toss it, Joggers, otherwise known as the fashionable sweatpant, is a trend that has really taken hold, and with good reason.

Ever wish you could just leave the house in your favorite sweatpants? Sure, they’re ratty and certainly not form fitting, but they’re comfy, and comfy is key. So while that little devil on your shoulder is whispering that in your ear, the little angel is reciting Karl’s words, reminding you that you have to look presentable, and leading you to your closet.

Well ladies (and men!), your pants prayers have been answered because not only are joggers super trendy right now, they’re also affordable and abundant. Stores and websites alike have been featuring these sleek pants all over their advertisements and it seems that they’re flying off the shelves as well.

“They’ve been doing really well and we’ve actually been selling a lot for men too,” says Urban Outfitters employee Erin Ferguson. “Its a more acceptable way of sweatpants – you can wear it many different ways to either make it comfy or dress it up. There are tons of ways to accessorize,” says Erin.

As I’m sure you will now take notice, girls on campus wear their joggers many different ways; some pair their threads with a basic tee shirt and sneaker wedges while others rock them with a dressier look. Either way (and with comfort ensured), they look fashionable and put together.

If you haven’t snagged a pair yet, head to your favorite store or website for the latest styles. Luckily for us State College students, we don’t have to look too far. “They have been a big hit for Urban Outfitters,” says Erin. “They are certainly a trend that will stay for a long time”.

Ha, take that Karl.

Photo by Abeer Saeed

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