What Your Underwear Says About You

UndiesDanielleD'AngeloThere is one phrase that every girl wants to hear. It is guaranteed to put a smile on her face and turn even the worst day around. That’s right, it’s “Five for $26.”

Seeing that sale advertised in bold font on the big windows of a store means one thing only – new underwear. Girls love buying new underwear. There are so many colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from that it makes shopping for underwear almost…fun. But, it also takes some reflection. Do you want neutral or bright colors? Cheetah print or lace? Without even realizing, we select underwear that suits us and our personalities.

That being said, what does your underwear say about you?

Animal Print Undies 

Whether you’re sporting zebra or cheetah or anything in between, animal print panties are a sure sign you like to get wild from time to time. You’re a party girl, and you want your underwear to reflect that. The more basic and plain colored options bore you because you think everything you wear, even your underwear, should echo your fun and outgoing personality.

Sport Panty

If you find yourself heading straight for the sporty options, you are clearly a woman who loves her fitness. The last thing you want at the gym is for everyone to see a panty line through your spandex or yoga pants, so you are drawn to the seamless, stretchy sport panties. You appreciate practicality and you know when it’s time to focus. You don’t let anything distract you, especially while you’re in the middle of your daily workout.

Lace Thong

Can you spell “confidence?” If you rock a lace thong on a regular basis, you are sure of yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You know you are fierce, so why shouldn’t your underwear be as well? You still keep a sense of delicacy and femininity, but you aren’t afraid to let everyone know who calls the shots.

Boy Shorts

Comfort, comfort, comfort. If it were socially acceptable for women to wear boxers, you probably would. But, boy short underwear makes a lovely and comfy alternative. You aren’t necessarily a “tomboy” per say, but you are just happy being yourself. It isn’t about being the center of attention for you, and you will gladly stay in your comfort zone.

Who knew underwear could say this much? So, next time you are loading a washing machine or folding your clean clothes in the laundry room, know that you might be telling people more about yourself than you even realize!

Photo by Danielle D’Angelo

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