The Benefits of Seaweed

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When you think of seaweed, the two things things that likely come to mind are sushi and the ocean. You probably don’t think of eating seaweed just by itself or using skincare products that are made from seaweed. For hundreds of years, seaweed has been used in beauty and medical products, and is sworn by many as a miracle ingredient all across the world.

Since seaweed absorbs its nutrients from the ocean, it contains almost all of the minerals that exist in the ocean. Seaweed is a type of marine vegetable and contains more vitamins and minerals than any of the fruits and vegetables that grow on land. Minerals are so important for us to have in our bodies, so it makes sense that seaweed is a healthy addition to our skincare and diet routines. 

For Your Diet

Adding seaweed to your diet in more ways than just in sushi can make you feel healthier than ever before. Besides being packed with vitamins and minerals, one of the best qualities of seaweed is how rich it is with fiber. This high level of fiber helps with digesting food and making you feel less bloated. Seaweed is filled with antioxidants, which have immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. Eating seaweed will help build up your immune system by fighting off bacteria and viruses to keep you healthy. The anti-inflammatory nature can help with symptoms of arthritis, celiac disease and asthma.

It has also been proven that seaweed is good for cardiovascular, brain, bone and eye health. Seaweed’s detoxifying nature coupled with its high levels of fiber detoxify your blood, resulting in a healthier heart and cardiovascular system. The omega-3 fatty acids that seaweed contains can improve brain performance and increase memory capacity. These omega-3 fatty acids are also good for eye health and other nutrients can help protect your vision. In case you’re not already convinced that seaweed as a superfood, its high levels of calcium also led to stronger bones and increase your overall bone health, too. With all of these health benefits, there is no excuse to not try out some seaweed snacks and make this marine veggie a staple in your daily diet. 

For Your Skin

Even though it is less than pleasant when you feel slimy seaweed sticking to your skin when you’re going for a swim in the ocean, it can actually be extremely beneficial to include in your daily skincare routine. Some of the best benefits of seaweed for your skin are extremely hydrating, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. These properties help to fight anything from acne to wrinkles and sun damage. Mineral-rich seaweed hydrates your skin, calms inflammation and redness, and combats sun spots and discoloration with calcium, zinc, iron, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Seaweed is also rich in vitamin C which increases collagen production, also helping to detoxify the skin, and fight acne and any signs of aging. There is a wide range of beauty products on the market that contain seaweed, from face masks, to cleansers, to serums and exfoliators. 

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The idea of both eating seaweed products and applying them to your skin can seem unusual at first. The long list of health benefits that seaweed has both internally for your body and externally for your skin make the thought of including this form of algae in your skincare and diet a little bit easier and definitely worth it.


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