The Art of Flow Arts

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What is Flow Arts? And what does it mean to be in a “flow state? Flow Arts describes a type of movement which can include dancing, juggling, fire-spinning and object manipulation. It is made up of techniques like these mixed with creative expression to reach a meditative state known as Flow or flow state.

If you have ever heard of the phrase “in the zone,” that is like being in a flow state. When in the flow state, you have become present in the moment and absorbed in an activity that has attained your full focus and enjoyment. There is a lot of overlap with practices such as martial arts, yoga, circus, and even belly dancing. Flow artists incorporate some of these aspects to create their flow.

The Benefits

Taking up the practice of Flow Arts can be more than just a hobby and for entertainment. While it’s fun to improve your skills and watch other artists, many get into Flow Arts for its health benefits. Similar to yoga, Flow Arts combines the mind and body, focusing our minds as well as progressing our physical abilities. Besides being a form of exercise, improving strength and form, it releases stress and anxiety and becomes a creative outlet.


When it comes to flow props and toys, the list goes on and on. You can find your flow with any shape or object, but it’s important to find ones that work for you and that you enjoy. Flow props can be normal without special features, but many are often LED and can even be ones that are lit on fire. While these features can be fun for the artist, they are especially powerful when it comes to performances and can create beautiful and mesmerizing shows. Although there are many flow props and toys you could choose from, here are four common ones to start with.

1. Hoops

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With hoops, work on coordination and focus, as you incorporate them into movement and dances. They can have various weights and sizes, perfect for those just starting out and more experienced artists.

2. Fans

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Just like other flow props, fans can come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be small or large, it all depends on what works for you and your flow state. While many people often choose to use fans with LED lighting, there are also fire fans.

3. Staffs

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Staffs are spun and twirled in various motions. This can create many different effects depending on the type of staff. Staffs with LED lighting create colorful illusions, while fire captivates with its tricks.

4. Levitation Wands

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Flow wands or levitation wands are a prop that has LED lighting and strings running through the inside of the tube. The lights create patterns as the wand is moved, especially mesmerizing with music.


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