Fifteen Things All Fit College Girls Face

Being a girl is hard. Being a fit girl in college is even harder. Here’s a list of fifteen things all fit girls face.


1. Seeing the same people at the gym every single day; and always trying to build up the courage to say “Hi”.

2. When none of your friends bother to listen to you anymore about the new diet you’ve heard about or new recipe you’ve tried.

3. Spending more money on food then you ever would on clothes or a round of drinks at the bar.

4. Sweat stains. The endless sweat stains.

5. ALWAYS BEING HUNGRY. (Or at least you’re constantly thinking about when your next meal is going to be.)

6. Having to do a load of wash almost every day.

7. Due to the excessive amounts of water you drink, you can’t stop going to the bathroom.

8. Getting to the gym and realizing you forgot your headphones/hair tie/water bottle.

9. Going to class covered in sweat and smelling like a wet dog. (oops)

10. Dropping your phone while running on the treadmill.

11. Getting to GNC and realizing your membership expired.

12. When your skinny jeans don’t fit anymore because #bootygains.

13. Saying goodbye to soft hands and a fresh manicure because of the calluses you’ve acquired.

14. Picking the gym over a night out because you know how beautiful it looks empty.

15. Feeling proud that all your friends come to you for fitness advice, and feeling on top of the world when you know the exact answers to give.


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