That Morning Stretch is More Important Than You May Think

You don’t have to be an experienced yogi to understand the importance of a routine morning stretch.

Not everyone can easily acclimate to an early morning routine, especially when it involves waking up for class, but as the commonly known phrase rightfully says, “the early bird gets the worm.” There lies very little falsehood in this saying for a number of reasons. A slight change to your morning groove has the potential of bettering your day entirely—and it only takes a few minutes.
Whether a novice or a pro at yoga, anyone who takes lessons will tell you that it’s the atmosphere and dynamic of the classes that keep them coming back for more. Key components of this art are the flow of body movements and continuous stretching.
That being said, as a busy, and most likely broke, college student, you may not be interested in investing the time or money into classes that require a trek across campus. That is why bringing aspects of yoga, like stretching, to your very own home, dorm or apartment is the easiest option—and it’s free.
Something as simple and conventional as stretching is so vital, especially for athletes, dancers, trainers, etc. but it’s not something that the average person would consider as an important aspect towards their physical or even mental well being.  You don’t have to be an experienced athlete to enjoy the benefits of stretching.
After slouching in front of computer screens and in classroom desks for hours on end during the school day, it’s important to replenish your body to prevent discomfort like poor posture, decreased energy and muscle tension. All of these things are results from a lack of exercise or stretching, according to American College of Sports Medicine and
Some say that breakfast is the best way to start your day, which in many cases may be true, but people, students especially, tend to overlook the effectiveness that working out or simply just stretching in the morning will serve you.
Instead of that routine cup, or three, of coffee when you first wake up, stretching will serve as your alternative source of alertness and vigilance.
Increased blood flow from stretching in the morning aids to a healthier heart rate, which in turn creates boosted energy levels, which surely everyone needs to make it to that first class of the day.
You don’t necessarily need to go on a five mile run every morning to get those endorphins, also known as the “happy hormone,” flowing. Getting those chemicals pumping early not only boosts your energy levels, but your mood as well. Why do you think they call it the happy hormone? This way, there is no excuse to having a ‘bad day’ when you start it off the right way.
To maximize the sufficiency of your early morning stretch, take some time to find a comfortable, relaxing or scenic spot around campus – maybe the Arboretum. Nevertheless, a simple 10-minute stretch in the living room of your apartment will do the job just fine as well.
No knowledge of the “downward dog” or “warrior” pose is needed for this helpful, healthy and happy experience, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt. A yoga mat, towel or some type of place mat is encouraged.
Take the time to set your morning alarm a mere 15 minutes earlier to push your boundaries a bit and to see how much your body will appreciate you after beginning your mornings with calm and relaxing stretching exercises. Listening to your favorite music during this new morning routine is an added plus!