Healthy Alternatives to Drunk Food

It’s no secret that after a night out, the desire to munch on something is a little stronger than usual. It’s also no secret, that Beaver and College Avenues are stocked with unhealthy eating options that prey on drunk college students.

Come on, we love our Canyon pizza, how many visits to Canyon is too many? While it is incredibly tempting to pass up Canyon Pizza, Gumby’s Pizza, Taco Bell and Wings Over, you can still satisfy those cravings without the wasted calories.

The best thing you could do is just stop the drunk eating all together. But we know that’s much easier said than done, and there are some nights when that just won’t happen. So Valley has some tips for you on how to avoid the after midnight junk food.

Meal Prep

You may think meal prep is strictly for work or school nights after a long day of class or work, but this could really be your drunk eating savior. If you prepare some healthy food to come back to after a night out, you will quit making stops at the greasiest places in town. If you’re someone who usually stops at Taco Bell, make healthy tacos, or if you love D.P. Dough, make a healthy calzone.

Takeout From Health Food Places

Another reason it’s hard to eat healthy late at night is due to the fact that all of the healthier places close at a much more reasonable hour. Places good for late-night eating stay open very late to accomodate the needs of Penn State students, but that makes it hard to find healthier options. Try getting take out in a healthy restaurant, such as Cafe Verve or Fiddlehead before they close and stick it in your fridge before you go out. You’ll have something with much more nutritional value than “pokey stix” or a slice of pizza.

Healthy Snacks

So if you aren’t into being proactive, there are always snacks that lean toward the healthier side. Vegetables or fruit with a healthy homemade dip would be a great snack to leave in the fridge for the aftermath of a night out. Another great snack would be healthy tortilla chips and guacamole or salsa. Quinoa or black bean chips make a great healthy alternative to flour or corn chips.

So while there may be no stopping your drunk hunger, you can control what you eat. It’s possible to still get nutrition on those late nights. Tweet your favorite health food recipes to @ValleyMag!

Valley does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.