Vogue Society: An Online Boutique with Happy Valley Roots

Be honest, how often do you find yourself shopping online in class when you should be doing homework?

We’ve all done it—we’re college students with little time to go to stores, and shopping is so easy when we have a variety of online stores and boutiques at our fingertips. Online boutiques are on the rise and VALLEY is 100% here for it. Online boutiques allow you to find unique pieces regardless of where you are and they give you a special feeling you just can’t get from the mass produced fashions of the mainstream retailers.

VALLEY’s new favorite is Vogue Society Boutique, where you’re guaranteed to find perfectly unique clothes and accessories for any occasion.

Vogue Society Boutique was started by Kait Yoniski, a 2017 Penn State graduate, and her mom, Sharon. They now run the boutique in Florida.

Kait and Sharon both loved shopping at boutiques together or for each other, and they made their dream of starting their own store a reality. They strive to have the best inventory and customer service that any online boutique has to offer.

Kait and Sharon hand-pick, photograph and package their items with care because they believe that their customers deserve the best. Beyond that, they brighten even the dullest Mondays with their “Markdown Mondays,” which provides special deals on items or collections. They also have a VIP Facebook page where they post special offers, live videos and engage with Vogue Society clients, and they are always quick to answer your emails or Facebook messages.

Our favorite hometown boutiques are special because they buy various pieces from different vendors, and Vogue Society works the same way. However, online boutiques are different in the sense that their clientele is all over the world. After all, unique customers should have equally unique pieces.

The Vogue Society Boutique works to not only connect with clients all over the country, but also to connect their clients to each other as well. That’s where their VIP Facebook page comes in. Vogue Society VIPs get special access to deals on outfits, the first chance to buy new arrivals, live behind-the-scenes videos of Vogue Society and, most importantly, they get to share their favorite outfits with each other. Kaitlyn and Sharon have built a community that celebrates style and positivity, making Vogue Society rise above and beyond the typical online boutique options.

VALLEY feels a connection with Vogue Society, not just because of our shared appreciation for style, but because it has roots in Happy Valley, just like us.

With formals and holiday shopping upon us here at Penn State, turn to Vogue Society to get the look you want in no time at all.

Maybe you want something more than just the typical LBD, so shop for a fun necklace or a killer pair of shoes! Perhaps your mom is tired of getting Penn State themed Christmas gifts, so look for a fun sweater or a bag she’ll never put down! Because Vogue Society is run by such a successful mother-daughter duo, they are sure to have exactly what you need for you and your mom.

Now, VALLEY isn’t condoning shopping in class, but if you’re going to, check out Vogue Society at voguesocietyboutique.com. It’ll be worth it.

This post is sponsored by Vogue Society Boutique.