State College Food Tour: Vegetarian Edition

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For people who are vegetarian, finding delicious options at restaurants can be a struggle sometimes. However, more and more restaurants are starting to incorporate meatless options in their menus. Here are just some of VALLEY’s favorites that everyone not just vegetarians should go and try!

1. Green Bowl:
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Located at 131 W. Beaver Ave, Green Bowl gives customers the option to customize their own stir fry! There is a big selection of vegetables, sauces, noodles and rice available for customers to choose from to make into one delicious stir fry. Customers also have the option to include tofu for a high-protein vegan and vegetarian-friendly meal.

2. Crust & Crumb:
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Recently opened in August, and located on E.Beaver Ave, Crust & Crumb is an artisan-inspired cafe that everyone must go and try. The cafe offers coffee, sandwiches, and fresh-baked pastries. A must-try is definitely the Vegan Vegetable sandwich. From the roasted red pepper to the olive oil-soaked baguette, this sandwich is to die for. However, VALLEY also recommends definitely getting something sweet at this cafe as well. Their desserts are good enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. For chocolate lovers, the chocolate cheesecake is a must.

3. India Pavilion:
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India Pavilion showcases the bold flavors and delicious food from North Indian cuisine. This restaurant offers a huge vegetarian selection for a delicious dinner out. Most of their bread can also be made vegan friendly if requested. VALLEY recommends trying out the kadhai vegetable dish.

4. Tadashi:
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With 2 locations in State College, it is obvious Penn State students love this restaurant. You can easily make any sushi roll vegetarian. However, Tadashi is more known for its hot and comforting bowls of ramen. Their bowls of ramen with soup is the perfect menu item, especially with the weather getting colder. Their vegetable ramen is a delicious and satisfying option.



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