TED Talks That Will Enhance Your Life

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If you haven’t heard of TED Talks you’ve been missing out. These powerful speeches are used to spread ideas and stories via video and they’ll keep you searching for more. TED, short for technology, entertainment and design, covers almost all topics and is now a household name for many. Used to get a point across in the classroom or sent among friends and families to share captivating and inspiring visions, TED Talks give a deeper understanding of the world around us and offer insight from a worldwide community of passionate people. Almost all TED Talks will enhance your life in some way when you look closely, but here are a few that speak for themselves.

How to Find Work You Love

Entrepreneur and author Scott Dinsmore spoke at a TED conference and challenged the audience to find the work they “can’t not do.” He emphasized unique strengths, values and experience as the three things that show what success means to you and that give you the guidance of where to go next. In this talk, Dinsmore dares the crowd to think about what the world would look like if 80% of the world did the work they absolutely loved. Dinsmore ironically died three years later at the age of 33 doing what he loved, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro during a yearlong trip around the world with his wife.

 Half a Million Secrets

 Postsecret.com is the most visited non-advertised blog in the world. It all started when Frank Warren printed 3,000 self addressed post cards with instructions asking strangers in Washington, D.C. to “anonymously share an artful secret they’ve never told anyone before” in 2004. At the time of the TED Talk in 2012, Warren had received half a million postcards, including postcards all the way from Iraq and New Zealand. Every Sunday he shares some of the secrets on his blog, as well as in his speech, and it is evident in his talk just how much joy this idea has brought him. From Warren’s experience with this unique concept, he says that “secrets can have many forms, connect us with our deepest humanity and with people we will never meet again”.

 Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid

 In Guy Winch’s TED Talk he says “its time we close the gap between our physical and our psychological health. It’s time we make them more equal.” Comparing a depressed person to someone with a broken leg, his genuine and sometimes comical talk proves that we don’t treat these psychological injuries like we should. Focusing on failure, rejection, and loneliness, Winch brings light to emotional health by saying if you take action in the ways he proclaims in his talk, you will not only heal, but you will build emotional resilience.

We promise each of these talks have something you can take away and carry with you to improve your day, year, or even your whole life. And, you never know, you just might stumble upon something you really needed to hear… when you didn’t even know you were looking for it.

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