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rachel-mcadams_dot_net-meangirls-moviestills24You’re probably wondering how Mean Girls qualifies as a Throwback. You may be thinking, “I just stayed in last Wednesday night and watched the DVD I got as a present a last year for my birthday.” Believe it or not, Mean Girls came out almost ten years ago, and that DVD was most likely from a few birthdays back. (We’re old… so You’re probably wondering how Mean Girls qualifies as a Throwback.not fetch).  It is hard to believe that the Plastics have graced our television screens for almost ten years now. Though this beloved movie may still be fresh in our hearts and minds, Valley is throwing it back to the one and only Mean Girls.

What We Loved

Mean Girls was full of hilariously relatable vocabulary, social situations and drama. Who could forget the brilliantly manipulative mind of Regina George?  Or the lovable stupidity of Karen, who still seemed to get involved in the cat fights? The jungle scenes only made it more relatable. You’d be lying if you said you never wanted to launch yourself across a cafeteria table at a girl you hated disliked at the time. Their fights felt a lot like ours, only satirized. A lot. And honestly, Aaron Samuels wasn’t hot enough to fight with your “best friends” over.

Admit It:

The quotes stuck with you. Maybe you got in a stupid little fight with another girl at school and pulled out the, “I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular.” Maybe some of the tiny little words stuck with you, such as fetch, fugly or homeschooled-jungle-freak. And honestly, whoever tries to say that on October 3rd, they don’t still turn to their friends and say, “Its October 3rd”. Don’t be ashamed, girls. As long as you’re not accusing someone of making out with a hotdog, you’re probably fine.


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