TBT: Gel Pens

0050342000000-ST-02-GellyIn middle school, nothing was more exciting than purchasing and opening a fresh pack of Milky Way Gel Pens – except, maybe, showing them off to our friends. They were way cooler than the standard black or blue pen, and we definitely tried to substitute them in for a test or two (which never worked). We didn’t let our parents stop us when they told us, “It will seep into your skin and poison you!” So, Gel Pens, this one’s for you. Lets throw it back.

What We Loved

Gel Pens came in enormous packs with several colors. We loved being able to choose between the bold neon pink as opposed to the slightly grunge navy blue. It totally mattered, trust us. And just when we thought we had it all, something incredible came. We were hit with the sparkles. Shimmery Gel Pens were like nothing we had ever seen before. And you know what? They were perfect. Even if we were in the mood for a little black ink on our skin, the shimmer added a certain wow factor.

Admit It….

At one point or another we have all tried to pass off our intricate and truly impressive designs as tattoos. “OMG I totally got a butterfly on my wrist, I hope my mom doesn’t see!” Don’t be embarrassed, its happened to the best of us. And, let’s admit it further, we’ve all fallen for the trick once or twice. “Christina got a tattoo, I swear it’s real! I saw it!” We’re sorry that everyone believed us, but we can’t help it that we’re so artistic.

Photo credit: childrenofthenineties.blogspot.com


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