the-oc01Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa were our best friends in middle school. Their glamorous lives, witty humor and complicated relationships kept us dying for new episodes every week. Orange County was an enchanting world of nice cars, spoiled teenagers and adults who acted like their spoiled teenagers. Sounds enticing, we know. This TBT goes out to our four best friends and the joy they brought us for four seasons.

What We Loved

The relationships that formed in The OC always followed the oldest rule in the book: opposites attract. Marissa Cooper was the richest girl in town with opportunities beyond belief. She ended up dating Ryan, the poor loner from out of town. Their relationship was unexpected and certainly complicated, but we loved them together either way. Summer Roberts, the popular and ditzy teenager couldn’t have ended up with a less compatible boyfriend, the nerdy and below-the-radar Seth Cohen. These interesting match-ups made for tear-jerking fights, passionate reunions and life long relationships.

Admit It…

Something about the adorable way Seth Cohen loved Summer Roberts made us look twice at those nerdy-but-cute guys in our classes. In reality, those guys probably won’t live up to your expectations and declare their love for you while standing on a coffee cart in the middle of the Starbucks you definitely didn’t have in your high school.

Memorable Quotes

“Welcome to the OC, b*tch.” –Luke Ward

“I suffer from rage blackouts” –Summer Roberts

It’s always been you, Summer. It’s always been you. I tried to fight it and I tried to deny it. And I can’t, I can’t do it, you’re undeniable.” –Seth Cohen

Who are you?” –Marissa to Ryan

Whoever you want me to be” –Ryan to Marissa


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