Spring Break Fashion: This Year’s Most Popular Destinations

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Spring break is just around the corner, and soon Penn State students will be hitting the beach, the slopes or various city streets. This year, some popular destinations include New Orleans, the Florida beaches, Europe and even Canada. Just as all of these places are different in terms of climate, nightlife and overall vibe, the fashion trends seen in each place are also not all the same.

VALLEY is here with a few staple pieces that are appropriate for each destination’s style and vibe.

New Orleans

The average daytime temperature in NOLA in March typically ranges from the high 60s to low 70s. In weather like this layering is extremely important. The downtown area will likely become hot and crowded, so it’s important to have pieces that can easily be taken on and off.

A pair of fun jeans with a casual top or even a skirt are appropriate for this weather, layered with some kind of jacket of course. You’ll likely be doing a lot of walking around, so having a sturdy pair of shoes is important. This year, platform sneakers have been all the rage and are a great halfway point between a lightweight sandal and a thick bootie. If it is warm enough for sandals, a platform option is both fashionable and practical.

A hands-free crossbody bag is also an essential. With large crowds traveling to NOLA for Mardi Gras, you don’t want to have to worry about leaving your purse behind or it getting stolen.

For nighttime, a lightweight top and a pair of comfortable jeans will do the trick, and a comfortable shoe is just as important now as during the day.


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Spring break is a very popular time for students to visit any friends who are studying abroad. Popular destinations such as London and Paris are known for being particularly chilly even into March and April. Temperatures typically are in the high 40s and low 50s, which isn’t that far off from State College’s weather this time of year.

European style is slightly different from typical American fashion. Europeans tend to be a little more dressed up than the average American, as well as a little more conservative. While American students more often than not sport a comfy and casual look for class, European students are more likely to be much more dressed up.

A pair of straight-legged pants and a warm, but fashionable jacket are perfect pieces for exploring these cities, as well as a pair of comfortable, but chic, booties. You may also consider leaving behind the typical ski parka for a dressier coat.


The Florida beaches are always a popular vacation spot for students, especially anyone wanting a warm-weather destination without having to deal with the hassle of international travel. Whether you’re staying on the gulf or Atlantic side, the warm weather is certain to be a nice break from the frigid State College winter.

When traveling via air, it is important to pack light and bring along clothing that has multiple purposes. Casual rompers and dresses can be used as a beach cover-up, an outfit for dinner or even just for exploring during the day. With it only being early March, it can still get a little chilly at night, so having some kind of light jacket is still important.


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While the first week of March might be Penn State’s “spring” break, the Canadian weather this time of year is pretty much equivalent to our dead of winter. Whether you’re planning on hitting the slopes or exploring cities like Toronto or Quebec, staying warm is quite important.

This year, short puffy coats and patterned pants have been all the rage. Pair with a pair of booties and a simple beanie for a classic winter look that still highlights some of this season’s biggest trends in fashion.

No matter where you are traveling to for spring break, knowing what’s in style wherever you are going can make packing and choosing what to wear that much easier.

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