Common Makeup Missteps

SiruWen.makeupMistakesIt’s hard to look like you just stepped out of a Maybelline commercial every day. There are so many products and trends out there, but who knows what actually looks good? Jessica Naschke, owner of CaraBella Makeup Artistry, says that there are lots of different makeup looks but makeup mistakes are easy to detect and fix.

“Generally, I see the most mistakes with the application or choice of color for eye shadow and eyeliner,” Naschke says.

Many women think they need to stick with darker shadows or liners to achieve a smoky look. Naschke says that black liners can be too heavy with lighter eye colors such as blue or green. Try using a shade of brown or gray to keep it light but still smoldering.

Fortunately for women, Naschke says there aren’t too many lip gloss missteps, since they’re so sheer and easy to apply. But she warns against looking too washed-out with nude lips.

“A nude lip is still something you need a splash of color,” she says. “Whether you use a really sheer gloss or a lip liner to emphasize the shape of the lips.”

Another common makeup misstep is foundation choice. Naschke says that she sees lines around the face and on the chin a lot on women. Different skin pHs and lighting can affect how foundation looks over time. The fix?

“Let them put it on, then go grab a snack in the food court or go outside or just walk around to see how it looks after a while before you make your decision,” Naschke says.

Naschke says to spend the money on great foundation. Think about it this way: If you had awesome pizza toppings but the worst crust imaginable, would it be a good pizza? Everything needs a good foundation.

In the world of trends we live in, Naschke has one thing to say before you venture out to try them: “The hot thing now is lots of colors and a kind of retro vibe,” she says. “But when achieving color, focus on that one color. Tone down everything else and let that one color be the focus.”

Photo by Siru Wen


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