Needing Some Vitamin D? Meet HappyLight

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Seasonal depression is very real, especially in the months leading up to spring. There will be days when it’s warm and sunny and then the weather will change its mind and bring us back to cold weather the next day almost as a tease.

For some people, vitamin D is crucial for their happiness and overall well-being making winter their least favorite season. Instead of dreaming of the tropics every day, try a HappyLight.

What is a HappyLight?

Light therapy is surprisingly used by many people to help with their mental health. Seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as seasonal depression, is very common and affects more people than you would think. HappyLights mimic the sun and trick your brain into thinking that it is receiving the vitamin D that it needs. Not only does it help SAD, but it can help sleep disorders, regular depression, and even some forms of dementia.

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How Does It Work?

In order to feel an effect or progress with the HappyLight, there needs to be some consistency. Making it a part of your everyday routine can be greatly beneficial. All you have to do is set it up near you while you do work or even while you read. Make sure to not stare into it directly in order to avoid eye strain or headaches.

Making it part of your schedule and routine is what doctors recommend the most. It does not even take up time, you can do it while doing homework which some do in the sun anyway.

How Does it Affect Mental Health?

One of the key reasons why people purchase a HappyLight is to strengthen their mental health. As mentioned earlier, the cold seasons are harder for people who struggle with SAD or even people who prefer the sun in general. Using a HappyLight can greatly benefit your mind and trick it into thinking it’s getting the sunlight it needs. Sleep schedules can also get messed up in the winter. Because your body is used to getting sunlight, the winter can be hard on your circadian rhythm. A HappyLight can help you get back on track and help with enjoying the gloomy days a little bit more.

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HappyLights have been such a popular product in the winter. People have been resorting to them, even on the nicer days in the winter. Consistency and routine can help you feel lasting effects and trick your brain into thinking you are sitting in the sun when really you are at your work desk.

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