College Lifestyle: Brianna “Chickenfry” Lapaglia and Mental Health

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Being in college comes with a lot more expectations than one would imagine—especially when trying to fit the stereotype behind going out and partying all the time. Managing your social life and school work can really clash, especially when college students use partying as an escape more than anything.

Brianna “Chickenfry” Lapaglia is known for her party antics on TikTok as she is the self-proclaimed “CEO of hangovers,” and person behind the quote along “Sleep when you’re dead.” Lapaglia talked about this slogan with the New York Post, explaining how it not only applies to partying, but also to the overall meaning of life.

Recently, Lapaglia went on to KFC Radio, where she brought up how being on her College Dropout Tour has made her realize how much of a following she gained since her TikTok career launched during the beginning of the pandemic. She couldn’t believe that during her meet and greet at Penn State, the line of people to meet her was so long that they had to cut the line off. That was the moment she realized how many people admire her.

Lapaglia also realized, however, that when she goes out on the college tour stops, everyone coming to see her is expecting her to be that crazy party girl portrayed in her content. “I can’t keep doing it every night and there needs to be a line where I am a party girl but I’m also a human, not a machine who can pump alcohol in and out of me,” says Lapaglia.

She then explained how she has a meeting coming up with her team in order to make the College Dropout Tour run more efficiently for her own mental sake.

Unfortunately, college kids can also get wrapped up in going out every weekend and not having that mental check with themselves as it is almost become a routine— weekdays are for school work and the weekends are to party. Sometimes giving in to going out all the time is easier than what you truly want to be doing, which creates a serious case of FOMO.

But you shouldn’t listen to what everyone else wants — you should be listening to yourself! Everything Brianna Lapaglia was dealing with during her tour is quite similar to what a stereotypical college student deals with, as both Lapaglia and college students have this pressure placed upon them to party all the time.

Lapaglia was able to see that this system isn’t normal compared to life outside of college. Being able to pull back and mentally check in with yourself allows room to communicate what you really want, whether that’s going out with your friends or having a cozy night in.

College lifestyle is a short period of your life, and this culture does not exist on an everyday scale. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the college lifestyle, understand that it doesn’t last forever, and that you can still choose how you want to spend your time. Whether you want a night in or a night out, that’s perfectly okay!

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