Loco for Coco

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Will Pixar do it again? Disney lovers have an exciting November with the release of a new Pixar movie: Coco.
Coco is the story of a boy, Miguel, who longs to be a musician despite his family’s mysterious, longtime ban on music. Miguel joins a trickster named Hector in the Land of the Dead to discover why the boy’s family has banned music.

The inspiration for the film was the Mexican holiday, Día de Los Muertos, a celebration in honor of dead ancestors. The film stirred controversy in 2013 when it attempted to trademark the phrase “Día de los Muertos,” arguing that it was necessary to protect the movie’s title. However, after backlash, the movie’s title officially became “Coco,” and Disney hired some of their biggest critics onto the project as cultural consultants.

The movie already premiered in Mexico on October 27 and has been very well received.

The Wrap critic Robert Abele says, “In unfurling a story of dreams and curses, tradition and redemption, all experienced via the otherworldly adventures of a musically-inclined village boy named Miguel, [Pixar] has once more shown how its storytelling acumen and visual splendors are still the surest dance partners in movies today.”

Abele also complimented the beautiful computer animation. Hollywood Reporter critic Michael Rechtshaffen simply stated, “it’s a safe bet that audiences the world over will go loco for Coco.”

Like most Pixar movies, Coco is hesitant to describe itself as a musical. However, the film does feature several original songs, three of which can be sampled here.

Coco is coming to American theaters tonight! Tell VALLEY in the comments if you’re planning on being there!


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