Quiz: What Thanksgiving Tradition Does Your Family Definitely Have?

Thanksgiving is today, and for many people that means getting together with family and inevitably participating in at least one or more cliché Thanksgiving traditions. After all, what would the holiday be without apple pie, a football game on TV, and your relatives fighting in the kitchen over the best way to baste the turkey? VALLEY knows all too well about the traditions that characterize turkey day, so we’re here with a quiz that will determine which one your family will definitely be partaking in today.


Question 1: It’s Thanksgiving Day and your whole extended family is staying at your house. Which of the following is most likely to be happening when your alarm wakes you up at 8 AM?

A. Your crazy uncle is trying to get everyone to go on a morning hike.

B. The kitchen already smells like a spice cabinet.

C. Your cousins are fighting over college football rankings.

D. Your grandma is complaining that none of the grandchildren are awake yet.


Question 2: What is the one topic that comes up every single Thanksgiving break?

A. Which one of your family members could win a sporting competition.

B. How many pies are going to be made and who will be taking the pie-making lead.

C. What channel to put on the TV.

D. Why your relatives get more irritating year after year.


Question 3: Which of the following sounds like the most ideal Thanksgiving Day situation?

A. Spending a lot of time active and outdoors.

B. Eating as much food as humanly possible.

C. Lounging in front of the TV with your relatives for hours on end.

D. Gossiping with your aunt about family secrets.


Question 4:  If there happens to be family drama, what would it be about?

A. Cousin Jim thinks Cousin Billy cheated when they raced each other.

B. Great Aunt Kathy screwed up the cooking and now the apple pie is burnt.

C. Uncle Bob’s eyes are glued to the football game but Grandpa wants to have some quality non-electronic family time.

D. Aunt Linda overheard Aunt Barbara talking about her behind her back.


Question 5: What adjective best describes your family over Thanksgiving break?

A. Competitive

B. Hungry

C. Lazy

D. Extra



If you chose mostly A’s, your family members are definitely 5k turkey trotters! A combination of wanting to be active and outdoors and the competitive drive that will give the fastest runner in your family non-expiring bragging rights contributes to this classic family tradition. Bonus points if your family is so into it that training for next year’s intense turkey trot carries throughout the whole year.

If you chose mostly B’s, your family members are definitely dedicated dessert-makers! They go ham when it comes to making desserts–especially pies. Apple pies, pumpkin pies, pecan pies, any pies–you name it, and someone will be in the kitchen making it. You are never worried about a lack of sweet treats on Thanksgiving, but let’s just hope that the relative who takes cooking control knows what they are doing.

If you chose mostly C’s, your family members are football fiends. The Thanksgiving holiday is basically an excuse to watch hours upon hours of football in truly American fashion, and no one would be surprised if more time during the break was spent sedentary on the couch than in any mobile state.  

If you chose mostly D’s, your family members are relative rosters! While getting together with the extended family is great in theory, in practice it can involve drama, drama, and more drama. Maybe some of your relatives love re-hashing old fights or starting arguments with classic catchphrases like “are you still single?” or “what do you think of President Trump?” Whatever the trigger point is, you know that Thanksgiving break is really just a code word for a huge relative roast.

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