Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

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About 30 years ago, four men dressed in khaki jumpsuits carrying proton packs saved New York City from total annihilation. Now, four women have taken action and saved the city yet again. Yes, a new generation of ghostbusters has come and they are saving New York City one proton pack at a time.

Ghostbusters, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, debuted in theatres last week and it did not disappoint. It was a refreshing twist on a famous, thrilling tale. With modern special effects and jokes sure to make the audience laugh, this film separated itself from the original

For all of our original Ghostbusters fans, some aspects of the earlier film were put in the new version as a tribute!

The Hook and Ladder Fire Department Building was used in the new film. Unfortunately, the rent was a little too high for the new ghostbusters so they had to use a cheaper office space for most of the film. This allusion to the original film created a nice physical connection between the two movies. Different cast, different story, but the same famous set.

The hungry —and ugly— green ghost made an appearance in the new film as well. In the 1984 version, this ghost was causing chaos and eating nearly everything in site. Of course, he starred in the 2016 version with the same gigantic appetite. Valley would expect nothing less from our favorite green ghost!

Finally, how do you stop the dead from entering the world through a portal and wreaking havoc? You Reverse the portal and save the world. Easy answer–right? Watch the move and find out how these new ghostbusters saved New York City!

Despite some similarities, there were a lot of differences between the two films. For instance, the original movie began with a ghost haunting a women in a library that creepily resembles the Pattee Stacks. On the other hand, the new movie started off in a haunted mansion.

The two Ghostbusters films are very much their own but the remake still pays homage to its roots. So, if you are looking for a summer comedy, Ghostbusters has got you covered. Valley isn’t afraid of no ghosts, are you?