Wonder Woman: a New Kind of Superhero

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Valley took a trip to the movies to see the début of Wonder Woman. After the launch of Marvel’s “Avengers,” the world of superheroes’ continues to expand with the addition of DC’s Justice League.

Diana Prince first appeared in the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and had her own story told June 2. In the realm of male figures, Wonder Woman makes a striking new role model as a strong and brave female character.

From the time Diana was a child on the island of Amazons, she wished to leave the protection of the palace and pursue training as a warrior. As she grows, her fighting skills are unmatched and, upon meeting Steve Trevor, are put to the test.

In the midst of World War I, Diana abandons the safety of the island on a mission to save humanity from the corruption of war. She meets challenges head on with Steve by her side showing her through the confusing ways of London society.

Upon first arriving in London, Diana must find a new outfit so that she might blend in. In the dressing room scene she goes through multiple garments that are considered acceptable and yet none of them are capable of masking the sense of authority that radiates from her.

In the end, Diana’s armor is the only fitting attire. A far cry from previous Wonder Woman costumes, the Grecian styled outfit shows functionality as well as the sexiness that Valley expected from this hero.

Diana goes to the front lines of the war to defend the people of an ordinary village the way that no soldier before her could. She shows that trying to overcome is always better than accepting defeat.

Seeing Wonder Woman in action is similar to seeing a tornado rip through buildings, and the box office as well. The movie continues to impress, breaking into the top 10 films of 2017 and offering female-only screenings at select theaters.

Diana Prince is turning the tide of what is expected from superheroes and will continue to inspire in the production of “Justice League.” This movie brings to light the hopeful progress of female characters breaking into the male-dominated role of action heroes.

Director Patty Jenkins gives life to little girls’ dreams of being powerful and beautiful. With a strong female lead and director, you can’t go wrong with this movie.

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