Meet the Spring 2017 Beauty and Health Section Opener: Abbie Schulz

Photo by Maria Crisafulli

We all remember how we felt during our first few days at Penn State. Liberated, nervous, grown-up, homesick. For freshman Communications major Abbie Schulz, the beginning of her Penn State journey marked the first moment she majorly broke out of her comfort zone. Abbie decided to leave her San Francisco home and tight-knit family to find new horizons on the East Coast, but she soon found herself alone and surrounded by 40,000 fellow students.

Determined to persevere through the cross-country adjustment, roommates and everything else freshman year threw her way, Abbie remained open to new opportunities to grow. Abbie joined a sorority, participated in a multitude of clubs including CHAARG, the Cooking and Baking Club and the Student Nutrition Association and worked to start a Penn State chapter of the charity she founded called “Soles without Holes.”

“I realized that if you are not challenged, you won’t change. I was forced outside of my comfort zone and forced to put myself out there every single day,” Schulz says.

In her scarce free time, Abbie manages to foster her many passions which include fashion, travel, beauty and, perhaps most importantly, food. The kitchen is where Abbie is able to creatively express herself.

“I like to say that I have that ‘finesse’ and cooking comes pretty naturally to me. I usually will create my own recipes, or I refer to other people’s recipes and then tweak it to make it my own,” Schulz says.

A foodie at heart, Abbie enjoys filming cooking tutorials, writing recipes and eating her way through new travel destinations. Abbie launched her first food blog “Gourmet My Way” last fall. Abbie’s sunny, Californian demeanor and passion for all things food shines through every photo and word on her blog. After experiencing her online presence, it’s no surprise that Abbie plans to make blogging her future.

“I know exactly what I want in life, and I am doing all that I can, at the same time of being a full-time college student, to achieve my dream of being a lifestyle blogger. I want to be a role model for women and have a kitchen that I can cook all day in!” says Schulz.

Recently, Abbie has expanded her blogging ventures to include all of her passions, not just food. Her new blog titled “Abbie’s Life” features travel tips, beauty tutorials, style advice and of course, original recipes. Her blog’s fresh content ranges from “How to Style Retro Tees” to a recipe for “Baked Rigatoni with Lamb Ragu and Ricotta.” Yum!

Despite her CA to PA transition, it seems nothing can get in the way of Abbie’s goals. Look out world! You’re bound to see Abbie Schulz again someday.

To keep up with Abbie’s blogging adventures, follow her on Instagram at abbieslife_blog or visit her website!