How a Clean Room Can Change Your Day

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Waking up in the morning on a busy day can be super stressful. When you have a lot on your mind, the last thing you need is to walk into a messy, cluttered room, adding another stressor to your day.

When you think your room is a disaster, it could be just because your bed is not made. Every day should be started off with making your bed. If you are the kind of person who says, “Why should I make my bed when I am just going to get back in it?” — here are some reasons why.

Studies show that making your bed can have a huge impact on your day. For example, people get more done when they make their bed in the morning. A survey from Best Mattress Brand, found that people who make their bed in their morning believe completing a small task in the morning helps them be productive all day. If you wake up five minutes before you do now to make your bed, you will feel more motivated to tidy up the rest of your room. Nobody wants half of the room to be spotless and the other half to be a disaster. And let’s be real, sometimes the mess seems huge…but it could just be a pile of pillows on the floor.

Organization is the key to success. If you are running low on time, try at least picking up what you can off the floor. Let’s say you have five shirts threw all over your carpet. Take those shirts, fold them and place them on top of your dresser. Your room will already look cleaner, and they will be easier to put away when you have more time later.

You know that frustrating feeling when you are already in a rush and you need something, but it takes forever to find? This can really start off your day on the wrong foot. If you keep everything in an orderly fashion and in the same place as always, it will make those hurried moments way easier! Along with being organized, being in a routine is very beneficial and will help you manage your time as you complete other tasks throughout the day.

For example, if you make sure to keep your room organized every night before you go to bed, you can check off one thing on the list that you would have to do tomorrow, while also keeping your brain less scattered.

The worst thing is to walk into someones home or apartment when it is a disaster — it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable for both you and the owner, and definitely something to keep in mind next time your place is a mess.

Want to start making a change? Take some time to create a cleaning routine.

Put everything away in its place where it belongs and then keep this routine going. Everyday take five minutes extra in the morning after you wake up make your bed and put everything away. Soon after this starts, you will see how productive you have become throughout the rest of your day! Tomorrow when you wake up, take the extra minutes to make your bed. Something as simple as that can truly make all the difference.


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