Spring Clean Effectively for Every Surface

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The weather is warming up in State College. While you might think to run to the HUB lawn to catch some rays or filter out your winter coat, you should also consider a spring clean.

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your space for the upcoming season and get rid of the dirt and clutter from the winter. While cleaning might seem intuitive, there are right ways to clean certain surfaces.

If you want to clean and do so effectively, read on to see which surfaces require what product or procedure.

Refrigerator: Out With the Old and in With Some Soap

Expired food is a recipe for disaster, literally. To avoid this, it is a good idea to go through your entire fridge to see what you should keep and what you should probably toss. No one should be using sour cream expired in 2019. The following steps are recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

  1. Take out the entire contents of your fridge. Also, take out removable shelves if possible.
  2. Wash shelves with warm, soapy water and towel dry.
  3. Wash inside of the fridge with hot, soapy water, wash with just water to get the soap out and then towel dry.
  4. Put back contents of the fridge.

Make sure to clean your hands off or use gloves during the process to avoid getting sick.

Desk: Declutter and Dust Off Clutter

This school year, without a spring break, students are experiencing mental fatigue. Mental health days can only help so much. If you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by your schoolwork, it might be beneficial to declutter and create a clean work environment.

Try to keep your desk free of random papers and miscellaneous items. Target and Walmart sell cheap bins to organize your pens, paper and any other materials you might use within your major.

Decluttering is awesome, but some might overlook the amount of dust it can leave behind. Especially with allergy season among us, it is crucial to make sure you are breathing in clean air while you study. Here are steps to dust properly.

  1. Remove all items from the area of which you are dusting.
  2. Using a dust rag or duster, wipe down every aspect of your furniture. The dust has a habit of being everywhere. If needed you can use a dust spray to aid the effectiveness of your dust. You can find one here.
  3. Dust your items. Some people overlook this step but computers, lamps and organizers also have a way of collecting dust.

Tip: Try to regularly dust to avoid a massive amount of build-up. By using a dust spray once a week, you will get a deep clean with minimal effort and you will surely feel cleaner in your space.

Bed: Hit the Laundry Room

It seems obvious, but a great way to feel refreshed is by giving your bedding and pillows a good clean. Our bodies produce natural oils constantly and combined with our hair, our sheets can get a little grungy overtime. By simply cleaning your sheets and comforter, your space will feel refreshed fast.

Tip: You should try to clean your pillows once a week. Dirty pillows are known to cause acne and skin issues, with buildup from your hair and face. Try flipping your pillow every three days and washing them with your weekly laundry load.

Vacuuming: Do it Right and Make it a Habit

While it seems easy, there are ways to make vacuuming your floors and carpet far easier and more effective.

  1. Dust first! By dusting, you might get some to fall on the ground. You will have to vacuum less if you just dust first and then hit the ground.
  2. Try to not wear shoes around your home. It tracks around dirt. If you need to wear footwear in your home, try to invest in some slippers to reduce the spread of dirt. You can find great ones here.
  3. Vacuum often. Try to create a schedule with your roommates on vacuuming at least three times a week to maintain a clean environment.
  4. Vacuum more than once in one area. While you might think a quick zoom around your apartment will clean everything, it does not. According to Allergy and Air, vacuuming an area around three times will increase the amount of dust and materials you suck up.
Showers: Clean the Place that Cleans You

Bathrooms are a place we go to get clean, so why leave it dirty? Showers are by far one of the places that collect the most grime and build-up over time. Here is how to clean your shower to leave it squeaky clean.

  1. Remove all bathroom accessories so you can reach hard-to-get areas.
  2. Clean the drain. Especially if you have long or lots of hair. We know it’s gross but worth it. Here you can find a drain contraption.
  3. Rise the walls and floor. Then apply your shower cleaner. You can find cleaners here and here.
  4. Leave the shower cleaner on for at least 10 minutes to allow it to soak up and fight against dirt.
  5. Scrub the tiles and grout with a scrubber or sponge. Really get in there.
  6. Wash off with hot water.

Tip: Make sure to keep a door open and the fan going. Bathrooms can be tiny and the fumes from the cleaners are not good for your brain.

Spring Clean Your Space and Mind

While deep cleaning your space every once in a while is good for a clean environment, it is also important to reset your mind. Taking time to work out, meditate, relax and enjoy a hobby is beneficial to avoid burnout from academics.

If you decide to deep clean this spring, tag us in your photo of your refreshed space on Instagram @valleymag. VALLEY wishes you happy spring cleaning and a safe transition.


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