Glossier Play: The Minimal Beauty Brand’s Bold New Line

After weeks of advertising a new line everywhere from social media to Manhattan billboards, Glossier has finally launched Glossier Play. Known for their minimalist and natural approach to skincare and makeup, Glossier’s new line was designed for a bold look on a night out. With opalescent glitter, moss colored eyeliner and vibrant orange lip lacquer, the line is far from subtle.

VALLEY takes a look at all the products released Glossier’s latest line.

 Glitter Gelée

Arguably the most exciting release from Glossier Play, the Glitter Geleé is described as an “instant mood boost.” With four shades packed with opal, rose, gunmetal or gold glitter, they can be swept across the lids, used as liner or placed in the inner corners for a standout eye look. Glossier claims the Glitter Gelées are comfortable to wear and stay in place for 12 hours with no flaking due to their gel base. Receiving mixed feedback, the Glitter Geleé is hailed as long lasting but reviewers are disappointed that the glitter is not biodegradable and uses lots of wasteful plastic packaging.

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Joining their bestselling Haloscope is a liquid highlighter concentrate, Nightshine. In four shades, the bottle comes with a doe-foot applicator, perfect for dotting onto your cheekbones or mixing in with your tinted moisturizer to give an all over glow.

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Glossier’s debut eyeliner, Colorslide, is a waterproof gel pencil that claims to last 12 hours. In 14 colors ranging from an eggshell blue to a rich magenta, the pencil is ultra creamy and can be used across the lash line, waterline or smudged all over the lid. Available in both shimmer and matte finishes, there is almost every color you could want, except for a traditional black.

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Vinylic Lip

Contrary to their Generation G sheer lipsticks, Glossier’s Vinylic Lip is a high shine lip lacquer available in six shades: a deep plum, bright red, terracotta, taupe and a vivid orange. More pigmented than the Generation G lipsticks, the Vinylic Lip is a thicker gloss with a click pen sponge applicator. Reviewers claim this can be worn as a sheer gloss or built up for intense color.

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In true Glossier fashion, Glossier Play offers two discounted options for buying combinations of the line. The Playground includes every product in the line including the silicone detail brush and pencil sharpener. There is also a Glitter Gelée duo including your choice of Glitter Gelée and the silicone detail brush.


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