Skin First: Glossier’s Zit Stick

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Brilliantly acclaimed skincare and makeup brand Glossier continues to impress beauty buffs everywhere. Constantly expanding their repertoire by launching new products that are each better than the last, fellow glossers are never disappointed.

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Recently they launched the Zit Stick, an acne spot treatment with packaging that cleverly resembles a stain stick. It is not only the perfect on the go tool for inconvenient breakouts, but it quickly clears blemishes in only a few days. Designed to fit perfectly into your pocket, bag and daily life, the Zit Stick will clear pesky pimples at high speed.

The proven results of Glossier’s Zit Stick have once again proven why this company has such an impressive reputation. According to their website:

After three hours: evaluators found a reduction in pimple size for 83 percent of subjects. After six hours: four out of five subjects said redness and swelling were reduced, and that their pimples were less noticeable and less painful. After 24 hours: four out of five subjects said swelling was eliminated and pimples healed faster than normal; subjects reported that more than half of pimples were erased.

VALLEY recently tested the Zit Stick and can confirm just how simple and effective it is to use. The packaging of the stick truly allows you to bring it anywhere and use it anytime. Along with its convenience, it lives up to its skin-clearing expectations by quickly decreasing the harshness of a surprise pimple. In just a few short hours, you’ll begin to see the pimple decrease in size and redness – and the next day’s results are even better. In only those 24 hours later, pimples had magically cleared up and skin was left looking better than ever.

Glossier has always been persistent in putting 100 percent of their efforts into perfecting their wide range of skincare products. The company has been launching more and more of these products with the hopes of clearing and perfecting  customers’ skin since 2015. Not only does Glossier habitually run clinical trials on their products, but they have released multiple tutorials on YouTube explaining and exploring all of the ways to use each product.


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