Euphoria Makeup: The Season Two Premiere

photo from @donnie.davy on Instagram

After a three-year hiatus, “Euphoria” has officially returned for season two. The first episode “Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door,” was a whirlwind from start to finish. From powdered donuts to grandma drug dealers, the season two premiere did not disappoint. If you have not watched it, VALLEY recommends doing so before opening TikTok.

While we have all been excited for the show to return, many of us have been waiting with bated breath to see what direction the makeup department would go in this season. If you have been on Tiktok in the last three years, odds are you have seen a Euphoria-themed video with crystal eye makeup or loose shimmer shadows. The worldwide appreciation of season one’s makeup was always going to be difficult to top, but if we are going off the season two premiere alone, it’s promising. 

One noticeable thing in the new episode was that the makeup was different. It wasn’t as heavy or as bold as the previous season. For instance, Cassie was seen with dewy skin and crystal-winged eye makeup. This look seemed more in tune with makeup trends right now. Opting for flushed cheeks and a more natural eye was perfect for Cassie’s close-up crying scenes and a true reflection of the current “no-makeup makeup” trend. The matching crystal nails were the icing on the cake, making this look at 10/10. Here’s a closer look:

Photo posted by @donni.davy on Instagram

Another amazing look from the premiere coincidentally belonged to the other Howard sister. Lexi has been a fan-favorite since the beginning, but she is now taking on a larger role in the second season. Like her sister, Lexi also sported pink shadows and heavy blush. While Cassie used crystals to give her eyes some sparkle, Lexi went with shimmer shadows. This was a really interesting contrast of their characters’ personalities and was perfect for a New Years’ Eve celebration. 

Photo posted by @donni.davy on Instagram

The only makeup this season that appears to be unchanged is Maddy’s. Maddy’s white shimmer eyeshadow paired with a super sharp winged liner was absolute perfection and reflective of her bold personality. It was also revealed by head makeup artist, Donni Davy, that Alexa Demie has played a huge role in the creation of Maddy’s makeup looks this season. Along with the makeup, Maddy had matching black and white, long nails. This was such a small detail that made a huge difference in her overall look. It will be interesting to see if nail art will become more prevalent in future episodes, we sure hope so.

Photo posted by @donni.davy on Instagram

If you are interested in learning more about makeup on “Euphoria,” check out @Donni.Davy on Instagram. Davy is the head makeup artist of the show and posts photos of her work with detailed descriptions of each episode.

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