No More Lost Gems: Organize Your Jewelry

CocoCheng.JewelryOrganizationWhen you finally get to the point when your jewelry box is overflowing with rings, necklaces and earrings, organization seems impossible with all of the “big jewelry” styles these days. Long bulky necklaces, large rings and dangly earrings take up most of the space in your jewelry box. So why not find new ways to organize them? We’ve tapped into our creative side to show you resourceful and decorative ways of organizing your jewelry.


Long chains and beaded necklaces can be difficult to store in any type of drawer or box. To save space, use a corkboard and hang your long necklaces over tacks.  That way, it’s easy to see all of your options when accessorizing an outfit.

If you don’t have a corkboard, you can also try tacks or nails, as well as command hooks on your bedroom door or wall. It’s a creative way to decorate, as well as keep your bulky jewelry orderly!

Dangly Earrings

Buy some sturdy string or metal strands and nail them into the wall. Make the strands as long as you want, and place three parallel strands underneath. Hang dangling earrings over the string. Again, it’s easy organization and a cute way to show off your jewelry.

Rings & Post Earrings

If you’re like most girls, you have too many post earrings to count and nowhere to put all of your rings.  While it may sound a little odd, ice cube trays are a great item for storing your earrings and small rings. Decorate them with paint and glitter to make them cute according to your tastes! They fit nicely into bedside table drawers and are easy for keeping your post earrings separated so they don’t get mixed up.

Pretty soon, you’ll feel crafty enough to organize all of the clutter in your jewelry box with affordable and innovative tools. We promise your wardrobe will be happy you did!


Photographs by Coco Cheng


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