DIY: Mini Jack-O-Lanterns

Photo by Ava Graham

We’ve once again entered into the season of endless festivities— with our fast approaching Halloween kickoff that will be quickly followed by the holidays of full stomachs and good cheer. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What’s more festive in the fall than pumpkins? How about mini-pumpkins? At Valley, we’re all about getting into the holiday spirit, which means decorations on decorations on decorations. This year, step up your Halloween decor by carving one of these adorable baby pumpkins!

What you’ll need:

A sharp kitchen knife
An Xacto or pumpkin carving knife
Tealight (optional)
Mini Pumpkin

What you’ll do:

1. First, draw an outline on your pumpkin with sharpie — be sure to keep it simple, you’re working with limited space!

2. Use the kitchen knife to carve around the top of the pumpkin, then gut the pumpkin with your spoon.

3. Hold the pumpkin very steady and be careful as you carve your stenciled pattern with the Xacto knife.

4. Carve out a circle in the bottom (parallel to the top) if you want to place the pumpkin over a candle. Voila!

Enjoy your Insta-worthy masterpiece, and happy #Valloween!