Closet Hacks for Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe


While your shopping cart at asos may be full of the hottest runway-to-street looks, we all know it’s nothing more than a pipe dream for a college girl and her “can I afford Chipotle this week?” budget. But have no fear, Valley’s here and we share your pain.

Photo by Ava Graham

DIY: Mini Jack-O-Lanterns


What’s more festive in the fall than pumpkins? How about mini-pumpkins? At Valley, we’re all about getting into the holiday spirit, which means decorations on decorations on decorations. This year, step up your Halloween decor by carving one of these adorable baby pumpkins!

Photo by Ava Graham

Crispy Avocado BLT Salad Recipe


Here at Valley, we’re doing all we can to embrace these last few days of sun, which includes sharing the tastiest warm weather recipes. So, before we let the sunshine hide behind Mt. Nittany for the next eight months, be sure to try this foolproof, end of summer salad!


Can You Be Too Involved?


Ever since we first set foot on this campus we were told the importance of getting involved. However, when we take a step back and strip away all the hype, we can’t help but ask ourselves, can you be too involved?


#MCM: Jesse Williams


Whether you follow Grey’s Anatomy or not, there is no denying that the man behind the heartthrob surgeon is sheer perfection. The name of this majestic human being is Jesse Williams.

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

Tips for Your Rainy Day Wardrobe


With the high humidity and torrential downpours, it’s virtually impossible to maintain any amount of presentability. So, when not getting out of bed isn’t an option, follow these full-proof steps for what to wear in the rain!


The Magic of Honey


Honey, honey, honey… what’s all this buzz about honey? Valley did some research to find out about the benefits of this ooey, goeey substance, and trust us, with what we found, honey might be the best thing that came around before sliced bread.


Valley View: “Avenue Q”


Remember back in the day, when we used to learn from puppets? If you’re nostalgic for those fuzzy friends or in need of a few life lessons, look no further than Penn State’s production of “Avenue Q.”


Best of THON 2015: Socks and Shoes


The floor of the BJC is a sea of neon Nike’s every third weekend of February for THON. Dancer’s embrace the bright colors while staying comfortable and practical by wearing one-of-a-kind socks with their favorite sneakers. Valley hit the floor and met the owner’s of some of the brightest, cutest shoe/sock combinations at THON 2015.


The New LD: Little Red Dress


We love the little black dress, we’re fans of the little white dress, but now it’s 2015 and we’re ready for something new. It’s classic, it’s bold, it’s the perfect pop of sexy, it’s the LRD: Little red dress.