Meet Our Fall 2015 Fashion Section Opener: Asia Grant

Photo by Vanessa Feng

European models, fashion week, designer museums and authentic Italian pizza are a few of the perks for this study abroad student. Currently studying menswear in Milan and interning as a male model booking assistant, Asia Grant is nothing if not all things chic.

Sporting a red lip, chignon, and black mock neck, Grant wastes no time. “In high school I was always interested in aesthetics and color theory,” Grant says, “fashion and beauty have always been a prominent part of my lifestyle.”

Grant initially wanted to go to school for graphic design, but instead opted for business. In the midst of her freshman year in college, Grant turned her high school hobby of developing a natural skincare line inspired by various foods and drinks that improve well-being into an official company. Taking such a big step opened Grant’s eyes and reassured her of her chosen line of study.

“I realized that there is an open area where the creative world and the business world can intersect and be fruitful,” she says.

Capitalizing on this overlap in the business and fashion worlds, Grant is now a junior Marketing major with big plans. Complimenting her marketing studies with her very own personal style consultations, Grant seems to be unstoppable.

“I feel like fashion is not something that is just lived, but also learned and practiced,” says Grant of her most recent endeavor. “Buying the latest trends and reading Vogue does not mean that you are into fashion.”

Fashion is not only a reflection of self, but also a reflection of culture and values.

Grant has had opportunities to further her perceptions of the industry while abroad in Milan. Working hands-on with some of the world’s most attractive men — yes, we are very jealous — and scoring her way into Givenchy’s newsworthy fashion week afterparty, Grant has been exposed to both the glitz, glamour and what happens behind the scenes. Grant has even found a knack for blogging, chronicling all her most noteworthy lessons on her page, Hiatus Granted.

Like us, you may be wondering how Grant will survive coming back to Penn State after such a whirlwind semester. Grant tells us she loves Penn State because it combines the size of a city with the feeling of a friendly hometown. She also assures us she misses “her people” and is excited to come back for her final year.

Before wrapping up our video chat, there was one last question we were dying to ask: “Where’d you get that lipstick??”

“It’s from MAC,” Grant laughs. She then continues to admit, “It’s the color from the ‘Sorry’ music video. Seriously the best matte red I’ve ever used.”

A quick kiss to the camera, and she was gone. Half a world away, Grant’s making her mark.