Brand Spotlight: LIVELY

Photo by Vanessa Feng

It’s hard to hate the takeover of sporty chic that we’ve seen in the fashion world. Valley certainly has no objections to the lounge trend — especially when we have that Monday 8 a.m.. We’ve embraced the joggers, oversized t-shirts, styled sweatshirts, and last — but certainly not least — sneakers, but we couldn’t help but wonder, what’s next? Well, we’ve found it, and we’re nothing short of obsessed. And now, we want to share it with you!

Lively is the new brand redefining how women wear lingerie. They’ve coined the term “leisurée” — that is, athleisure for lingerie. The company’s main focus is comfort, but that doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed style. Lively defines it’s aesthetic as blurring the lines between lingerie, active, and swim — capitalizing on the aspects of comfort from each. For a sporty and sexy look, check out this bralette or, for a more supportive fit, check out the t-shirt bra in this super cute tropical print!

Did we mention the reasonable price point? We know, it’s hard not to fall head over heels. But before you open up your next tab to go shop, let us tell you the best part. Lively prides itself on it’s strong company values, sourcing the highest quality materials — from the lace to the hardware. Even better, the newly renovated Lively factory in southern China is WRAP certified. To be certified the factory has to meet 12 WRAP principles, which include “compliance with laws and workplace regulation, prohibition of forced labor, prohibition of child labor, standards of compensation, benefits, hours of work and environmental consciousness.”

Finally, some lingerie we can feel good in and good about wearing. Now that we’ve got you hooked, stop reading and head over to Lively to start shopping!