How to Keep Your Favorite Footwear Looking New in the Winter

Whether or not we’re brave enough to admit it, winter is here and with winter comes inevitable snow, freezing rain and salted streets.

Perhaps you returned from your winter break with a brand new pair of boots or are in hopes of extending the life of an old, cherished pair through another season. If you’re concerned about you and your shoes surviving another cold Penn State winter, we’ve got you coveredwell, your shoes at least.

We talked to shoe expert, Angelo Card, owner of Custom Shoe Repair on S. Allen Street, and unearthed his top tips to keep your shoes looking good as new.

Custom Shoe Repair has been open since 1966, and Card has been taking care of shoes his whole life. His two words to live by: polish and waterproof.


Whether your favorite leather shoes are tall riding boots, slip-on oxfords or lace-up booties, Card assured us the only way to keep the material healthy and new is constant maintenance.

Card says, “Shoes you wear twice a week, you should be polishing at least once a week.”

It may seem tedious, but it’s the only way to protect your soft leather from dreaded scuff marks and discoloration.


Now for the belly of the beast, the monster of all materials, the nightmare that keeps men like Card awake at night: Suede. The most challenging of shoe materials, Card agrees it can be difficult but certainly is not impossible.

If you’re serious about maintaining your stylish suede companions, you should invest in cleaner, brush and lots of waterproofing spray. Card stresses the importance of cleaning the suede in between each waterproofing. Spray your boots at least twice a month or as soon as you notice the water no longer beads off.

Card left us with one last piece of advice: start caring for your shoes the day you get them, so your continued regimen of cleaning, polishing, and proofing keeps them looking pristine.

It’s true, shoe care may be more of a commitment than we anticipated. But, we suppose, all the work becomes worth it once you’ve found your sole mate!


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