Rockin’ Raw Rocks

You can find the sparkling, unpolished rocks just about anywhere, from candle holders to a big rock to put on your table. But lately they are making a big appearance in fashion jewelry.

Earrings, necklaces, rings — anywhere you can put a raw rock, you’ll find one. Let Valley teach you which raw-rock pieces you should be rocking this season.


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You can put in your search bar, “raw rock jewelry” and find an abundance of all the sparkling jewelry you could ever need. The first time I remember seeing raw rocks was when I would take museum trips with my family and we would stop in the gift shop. But my mom would always remind me of how over-priced museum gift shops were and said we would look for them somewhere else.

Now that I’m a freshman in college and my rock collecting in the past, I am looking for a way to add these gems into my jewelry collection.

The pendant style necklace is an easy way to incorporate this trend. Pair it with a top and a cardigan and your necklace will add a little shine to your outfit.

The rocks come in all types of colors. The most popular would be blue, purple, and white or off-white. Picking a color will determine how often you wear the pendant, so take a look in your closet and decide what you would pair most with most of your wardrobe.

Earrings are another way to sneak raw rocks into your jewelry collection. The most low-maintenance style would be studs, which you can find in a variety of colors. There are also dangling earrings which can be dressed up or down.

The raw rock rings (say that 10 times fast!) are a bit more out there. A lot of them are statement rings and rather large.

Metro downtown has a nice assortment of raw rock jewelry, so I decided to talk with the Store Manager, Bella Bucci about how to wear these little gems.

When choosing between rings, necklaces and earrings if you’re just getting into raw rock jewelry, Bucci says to stick with the pendant and mix and match it with different outfits. She also mentions that it really does depend on your style and the type of look you’re going for – studs can be overbearing on the ears at times.

Also, on a scale of dressy to casual, Bucci says it depends on your style but advises you lean toward the casual side with this type of bohemian-style jewelry.

Find a piece that best represents your style and rock that raw rock! It’ll add a little bit of sparkle to your day and really, who doesn’t need a little more sparkle?


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