Tips for Your Rainy Day Wardrobe

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

It’s that time of year again – the ice caps are melting and the sun is slowly creeping above the shadows of Mount Nittany. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year that the age-old saying, “April showers bring May flowers” proves true.

With the high humidity and torrential downpours, it’s virtually impossible to maintain any amount of presentability. So, when not getting out of bed isn’t an option, follow these full-proof steps for what to wear in the rain!

Let’s start by talking shoes – priorities, right? At the risk of reiterating fashion-common-knowledge, absolutely never wear suede in the rain. You also want to avoid wearing leather, unless it’s been waterproofed.

Now that we’ve covered what not to wear, let’s figure out what we can. The obvious answer: rain boots. Rain boots these days come in every possible shape, size, and print – I would know, my mom recently purchased a pair of colorful, abstract print cowboy rain boots. A fashion-forward favorite is a pair of chic-ankle rain booties that have made their big debut in the past year.

And if for some reason you’re not feeling your rain boots, then grab your sneakers and opt for the casual gym-cool look.

The best way to stay dry and chic on a rainy day is having the right jacket, and that means a fashionable, waterproof piece that is dually appropriate for dry weather and doesn’t scream, “it’s raining” – an unfortunate fact  that doesn’t need to be reiterated by your wardrobe. So, be sure to top off your ensemble with a sporty anorak or classic (coated) trench!

Quick tip: If your trench is not coated, you can pick up waterproofing spray at your local Target or convenience store and coat it yourself!

While you’re out, be sure to pick up that one rainy-day essential accessory, an umbrella. Opt for a bright color or neutral patterned print that will add a little sparkle to a dreary day!

Now that we’ve covered a few general guidelines concerning your rainy day wardrobe, here are a few more specific outfit ideas:

1. Go for a timeless look with black leggings, a black or black-and-white striped top, rain boots, and trench. Throw your hair up in a topknot to save time and avoid the frizzy-effects of humidity. When you finish off the look with a bright, red umbrella, people will be wondering just how you do it. Or they’ll think you hopped the pond – you’re just so London chic!

2. Embrace sporty chic by pairing your waterproof anorak with your coolest kicks. Wear athletic pants or shorts, a simple tee, and your favorite baseball cap. This too-cool-for-school look will have people perplexed as to why you’re even bothering with class.

3. When you’re feeling feminine and flirty – or it’s just extremely hot and humid – pair a cute, casual dress with your rain boots. Add an adorably printed umbrella, and your sweet look might just scare the rain away – but be sure to keep the look on hand, because the rain will surely come back another day.


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