Spooky Season at State

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Halloween is almost here, which means everyone’s minds are thinking about what costumes they’ll be wearing for the weekend. Take a break from the stress of planning, and entertain yourself with these PSU-specific activities for Halloweekend. VALLEY even sprinkled in some campus ghost stories for your delight!

Movie Night
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Depending on how you like to spend your Halloween, the movies you choose to watch with your closest friends could be vastly different. If you love to stick to some classic horror, don’t forget to add signature slasher films like the “Halloween” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street” franchises to your list. If you need a bit of comedy sprinkled in, try the “Scream” movies — there’s even a TV show on MTV worth checking out!

If horror’s really not your thing, don’t worry! Everybody knows Disney Channel practically ruled over Halloween when we were little. Snuggle up for a “Halloweentown” and “Twitches” marathon, and you’ll be all set. While still in a childhood mood, the first three “Harry Potter” movies are inexplicably autumnal, especially the scenes in the Great Hall.

Of course, you can’t round out Halloweekend without the animated flicks of our youth! Who could forget the surprisingly eerie vibes that “Coraline” brings to the table? If you’re still left with an icky feeling after seeing the Other Mother on your screen, the heartwarming seasonal crossover “The Nightmare Before Christmas” will heal all wounds.

Fall Activities
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There’s no way to celebrate a great Halloweekend without including the signature flavors of fall! So whether you’re more of a pumpkin or apple person, there’s something for you everywhere you go. Way Fruit Farm is just a short drive from downtown State College, and their pumpkin patch is open for picking every Friday and Saturday in October, along with the other fruits they grow and sell on the farm. If you’re looking to stay even more local, try the fall drinks made by Starbucks or one of State College’s many delicious cafes downtown!

When all else fails, bake! There is no shortage of delicious snacks to prepare for your movie night when it comes to Halloween. Put on your favorite Halloween playlist — which must include “Spooky Scary Skeletons” and “Monster Mash” — and dance around the kitchen with your friends while you bake. Check out the related articles at the bottom of the page for some fall recipe recommendations from VALLEY, or peruse Pinterest for a world of possibilities!

Ghost Tour
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Campus is beautiful to walk around during the day, especially when the leaves start to change color in the fall. And we’ve all come home from late nights of studying and partying, but have you ever paid attention on your walk back to your dorm? Ever notice anything creepy or inexplicable?

Okay, everyone knows about the murder in the stacks and the ghost in Schwab Auditorium. But did you know about the ghosts of Runkle Hall? Penn State has plenty of spooky history of its own, if only you know where to look! There’s a YouTube video made by Penn State’s very own Lion Ambassadors that takes viewers on a nighttime tour of campus while telling all of the spookiest stories our school has to offer. After watching, maybe you can try to get a group of your friends together for some late-night ghost hunting of your own!

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Show us your best costume and favorite fall activities by tagging us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram!



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