Halloween Movies for Scaredy-Cats

Photo by Kate Perkins

Halloween means three things: costumes, candy and creepy movies. Most of us enjoy all three. Dayna Dunlop, a senior majoring in film-video and self proclaimed scary movie fan, says, “I think audiences enjoy watching scary films because there is an adrenaline rush that comes along with a suspenseful, thrilling storyline. I know I personally love watching a good horror film that keeps me on my toes and makes me question whether I should fear the same events.”

While many people like Dayna love the spine-tingling terror that comes from watching a good horror flick, others like myself are not so brave of heart. When Halloween rolls around, it’s hard not to feel a little left out. So how do you participate in a scary movie marathon when you are more of a Hallo-wimp?  

Valley sorted through the guts and gore and came up with seven scaredy-cat approved films that will have you feeling spooky in no time.

The Addams Family

True believers in wearing black from head-to-toe, the Addams family has a compelling story and style to spare. If only we could be as fabulous as Morticia or a master of sass like her daughter Wednesday.


A creepy crawly classic involving ghosts, home improvement and Michael Keaton. Try not to let the bedbugs bite.

Edward Scissorhands

This was Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s first ever film together. His haunting performance set in small town suburbia gives this movie an eerie vibe that can’t be beat. If you like watching people prune hedges with their knive-fingers, this one’s for you.


Who ya gunna call? Bill Murray apparently. He and the rest of his paranormal crew track down slobbering ghosts and save New York City.

Harry Potter

Witches and wizards and Hagrid – oh my! We’ll take any excuse to watch Dumbledore and the three amigos kick Voldemort’s butt one more time.

The Scary Movie Series 

Based on classic horror movie plots, this series allows you to experience films like Scream without all the screaming. Albeit a bit tasteless, these movies deliver chills and laughter hand in hand.

Young Frankenstein

Although filmed in black and white, this raunchy flick has all the spirit of a modern comedy. Mel Brooks plays the grandson of the original Doctor Frankenstein, set on distancing himself from his family’s monstrous past. (Spoiler alert: he and his assistant still end up creating a monster.)



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