Why We’ll Always Go Back to Black

Photo by Aly O'Donnell

Have you ever seen someone dressed in black from head to toe? Some people swear off this look in fear of seeming “dark.” Others might hold off on wearing all black until Halloween comes around. Black is usually associated with negative emotions, seriousness and especially spookiness as the Halloween season rolls around.

But the truth is, black isn’t just a spooky holiday color! Let Valley be the first to tell you why black is the new black, 365 days a year.

It’s eye-catching.

When you wear all black, you give off a sense of mystery. When you walk into a room, everyone’s eyes are immediately drawn to the woman in black looking fierce.

It’s professional.

Wearing black comes along with a sense of seriousness, which can be really effective for someone trying to land a job.

It’s versatile.

The transition from day time attire to girls-night-out is as simple as putting on lipgloss and heels.

It’s timeless.

Through fads like bell bottom jeans, flower print crop tops, and oversized mustard colored sweaters, black has always been there for us.

It’s slimming!

We all know the secret; wearing black makes us magically look 10 pounds lighter. It’s true.

The bottom line is, don’t let anyone tell you that wearing black on black is only “Halloween-worthy”. It’s so much more than that. Black is most definitely the new black. Happy #Valloween!


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