Birthdays In Quarantine – How to Keep Your Day Special

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With Zoom University taking over the rest of the semester, many spring birthday plans have folded. Bars, parties and other activities aren’t an option any more. Luckily, VALLEY has found a way for you to keep your birthday (or your friends’ birthdays) special, all while keeping everyone safe!

With people you are quarantining with
  • Bake a cake. Even if you aren’t British Bake-off worthy, it’s still the thought that counts!
  • Bar crawl, except it’s a room crawl. Set up a different drink stand in each room of your home, or for some added fun make it Happy Valley bars themed! 
  • Create a scavenger hunt. You can make this fun or sentimental by hiding everyday objects or things that hold special meaning to you and the people you’re quarantined with all around your home.
  • Have a picnic. You can sit in your backyard or even on your living room floor!
People who are far away
  • Have a virtual party. Platforms like Zoom and Houseparty are great for games — give your party a twist by adding a theme (drink theme, costume theme, etc.)!
  • Send and e-card or and e-gift card, or buy a present and have it shipped to their address.
  • Create a video compilation of your friendship. Add some videos of other friends talking about that person to make it extra special!
  • Go on dates 
    • Dinner date. Make your dinner, dress up, light some candles and FaceTime!
    • Yoga date. Try to follow a yoga video together, or make up your own flow.
    • Paint and Sip. Try to follow a paint tutorial together (Bob Ross, wya?).
    • Museum date. “Visit” somewhere new together, like the MoMA, Tate Britain or Musée d’Orsay.
Need present ideas?
  • Puzzles, coloring books, or books are great for keeping people busy (Barnes & Noble has some great ones).
  • Craft supplies. Get their creative juices flowing!
  • Self care supplies. Items such as candles, face masks or nail polish can help them de-stress. Plus, Sephora, Ulta and Target are still shipping!
  • Empty journals. Looking to start journaling? Empty journals are a great way to get someone started. Plus, you probably have a few laying around somewhere, so there’s no need to run to the store.
  • Playlists. Create a hand-picked playlist and add your special someone as a collaborator so they can continue adding to the list!
  • Scrapbook. If you are home, you may have concert tickets, movie ticket stubs or old memories to add to give it some extra flare.
  • DIY something for them. (Check out these great VALLEY DIY ideas: shower bombs, hair masks, or even a tapestry.)

Just because we can’t be physically with the ones we love, it doesn’t mean we can’t do something special for them! Make the most of the situation with these ideas. Tag VALLEY on Instagram and Twitter if any of these ideas inspire you! 

*VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.


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