DIY: Tapestry

Photo by Steph Distasio

Whether you’re hanging a tapestry on the wall, spicing up your bedspread or making a dress out of it (yes, I have personally seen this), you definitely love the way they capture your personality and taste. If you’re obsessed with them as much as we are, you might own a couple…or five. This can get pretty expensive depending on where you buy them from and, let’s be real, we are broke college students. Valley decided to come up with our own extremely simple, yet trendy DIY to share with our readers!

What you’ll need


Rubber bands

Black bed sheet

Rubber gloves

What to do

1. First, lay your sheet out on a flat surface. From the very center, start twisting the sheet into a circular formation.

2. Put rubber bands around the circle, creating an X in the center. Then, tie off more rubber bands wherever you want, this helps create a tie-dye effect.

3. Bring it to the tub or sink and put on your rubber gloves to protect your skin from the bleach. Pour bleach wherever you want (it’s easier to use a syringe for this part for precision). If you want a reddish tint on your tapestry, leave the bleach on for 5 minutes. If you want a tan color (like mine pictured), leave it on for 10-20 minutes. If you want the tie-dye to be completely white, it’s going to take longer, but just check on the color every so often.

Disclaimer: The sheet is going to get very hot while soaking in the bleach, and smell strongly. I made the mistake of letting it sit in a plastic bin, which it burned through. Be careful!

4. Rinse and run it through the washer by itself. Ta-Da! You’re all set.

To make it even cooler, you can get painters tape and fabric paint to make other designs on the sheet. Otherwise, enjoy!