Birthday Brunch Inspo: 21st Edition

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Twenty-first birthdays are way more than just your first legal drink. With the right friends and some creativity, the most memorable parts of the night will be the hours leading up to midnight. Themed parties and birthday brunches are all very hot right now. Combining the two? Even hotter. Getting creative can be difficult, so here are some themes sure to make your twenty-first one for the books.

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Theme: Y/N 

The theme is you. Every person dresses up as the birthday girl/boy in different stages of their life. Perhaps someone dresses up as a said person in middle school or that person in some cringe phase they went through. This theme is not only funny and easy, but it really makes the day special for the host. 

Theme: Gossip Girl
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Pretending your State College apartment is a ritzy townhouse on fifth avenue. A gossip girl-themed brunch is the opportunity to dress like Blair Waldorf , which we know you have been waiting a lifetime for. Of course, it is more than just chic dress. Don’t forget the appetizers, champagne and of course the name cards!

Theme: Decade of when you’re born
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This theme requires all the guests to dress from the decade that the host was born in. For most of you reading this, that means layers, cargo pants and smokey eyes. Music is important for this theme, so make sure you have a solid playlist complete with all things Usher and Nelly Furtado.

Theme: Coachella

This theme combines boho-chic with rave. Have your guests wear their hottest festival outfits. Feathers, cowboy hats, thigh-high boots — we want it all! Decorate your space with dream catchers and tons of glitter. Serve your guests food truck foods, like street tacos and Korean barbecue. 

Theme: Name Game

In this theme, everyone dresses up as the name of the host. So, if the host’s name is Steve, guests can dress up as Steve Carrell or Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh. Unfortunately, people with unique names are going to have to sit this theme out. Sorry, North West.

*VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.*


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