Are Low-Cut Jeans On The Rise?

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Time and time again it has become obvious: fashion is a cycle. A trend from the 80’s that fashion idols swore by is mocked by their children years later. That is, until those same children start adapting that style. Nineties fashion has crept its way back into our wardrobes — we’re looking at you, scrunchies and mom jeans. It was only inevitable that one dreaded early 2000’s trend would try and re-introduce itself to the fashionable public: Low. Rise. Jeans. 

This trend has been waving over our heads for years now, threatening to come back into style. Blogger and author, Leandra Medine, also known for her fashion and lifestyle blog called ‘Man Repeller,’ reported in August 2017 that low-rise jeans would soon make a comeback.

The blogger comically wrote in one article, “I’m pretty sure I still have a callus where stomach meets pelvis thanks to all the lower abdominal abuse I endured by way of bootcut True Religions. My love handles only recently started speaking to me again, and I have yet to earn the forgiveness of my muffin top. Frankly, after what I put them through, I don’t blame them.” 

Designers have been giving us glimpses into this upcoming trend with their Spring/Summer 2020 runway shows. Dior, Alexander McQueen and Tommy Hilfiger all included looks with low-rise denim, hinting that our foreseeable future might include the nightmare from the 2000’s. 

This isn’t just a runway rumor or a trend that never picks up any traction. Celebrities that many look to for fashion inspiration have begun exposing their entire torsos while sporting these jeans. Models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been photographed integrating low-rise jeans — what some people consider denim disasters — into their off-duty looks, which just means that it’s only a matter of time before everyone else starts wearing them too.  

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Companies know this too, of course. Brands such as IAMGIA and Tom Ford have hopped on the trend and started including low-rise styles into their shows. Even Levi’s has started selling low-rise looks again. The Vice President of Global Women’s Design, Jill Guenza, stated that the company, “re-discovered that low rise jeans can be extremely versatile — after some initial cringing hesitation — and included several variations in our portfolio of new fits for spring ’19.” To Jill we say: maybe a little more hesitation would have been beneficial. 

If you think that only Victoria’s Secret Angels are incorporating this 2004 look into their 2020 attire, think again. The icon of icons, Jennifer Lopez, was photographed in November 2019 wearing a pair of pants so low rise that they came with a built-in thong. She looked amazing, of course.  However, this foreshadows a world filled with uncomfortable pants and exposed, dangling belly button rings — something society might want to think long and hard about before embracing this trend.

The clock is ticking. The time of high waisted forgiveness might be running low. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing when you sit down, your underwear won’t stick out for now. It might not last forever. 


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