Your Boyfriend’s Jeans

Lauren Matakas.jeansAs much as we might be jealous we have to face the truth: guys’ clothing is much more comfortable than ours. I don’t know if it’s the fit, the material or something else, but it feels so nice and snug to throw on one of their sweaters or big shirts and walk around the house. However, there’s one article of clothing that feels nice to wear and could actually be used outside of the house.

Boyfriend jeans are still comfortable but after a bit of styling, can look good as well. They go perfectly with the menswear trend that is slowly taking over all major fashion houses. Whether it’s a boyfriend cut of girl jeans or your actual boyfriend’s jeans, both can be used to create comfortable and stylish outfits.

Start off with a pair of jeans that feels comfortable. They should sit right on your hips without being too tight. The rest of the pant will be loose, which might be alarming after years of wearing skinny jeans. If the pants are a little bit too big, simply slip on a cute belt. If you still want to add a little bit more of a feminine flair, then throw on your favorite pair of heels.

One of the best pairings for a pair of boyfriend jeans is a crisp, white button up. Put on a thick black belt over your waist, a pair of black heels, nice earrings and if you want to go a little extra, a men’s watch. The menswear trend is not for everyone and it may be a little uncomfortable at first, but if done correctly, it can look really chic.

Photo by Lauren Matakas

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