It’s in the Jeans: Dressing for Your Figure

Goode.Pants(1)A fashionable, durable pair of jeans can be a girl’s best friend. They can be used for almost any occasion – a night out with your closest friends, dinner with your boyfriend’s family or even for surviving a long day of classes. But despite their versatility, no single pair of jeans was made for every body type.

We all have traits that make us unique, and that includes our figures. Finding that perfect fit and style for your body shape can vamp up your wardrobe in the simplest way. With tips from fashion blogger Lauren Conrad and Shape magazine, Valley gives you the perfect guide to dressing for your figure. 


Straight leg jeans and boot-cut trousers are must-haves for the curvy girl. The slim cut of a straight leg highlights natural curves and balances out the upper and lower parts of the body, especially for apple or pear shaped figures. If the phrase “Shake what your momma gave ya” could be made into a jean, the straight leg would be it. For the ladies sporting an hourglass figure, the boot cut jean balances out your bottom half, showing off your tiny little waist.

Bonus tip: dark washes create a slimming effect, and are perfect for making any outfit look chic.


Whether you’re tall with an athletic build or tall and a skinny-minnie, you can never go wrong with a solid pair of low-rise flare or boot-cut jeans. The low waistline balances out the torso and those long legs, while the flare gives the illusion of curves and adds definition to your frame.

Bonus tip: Boot cut and flare jeans can also easily be transformed into an ultra-chic wardrobe piece. Pair with a fitted blazer and black heels, and you’ve mastered a classic, sophisticated look.


There are three key words for you petite ladies: length, length and length. A go-to option is the skinny jean. Something so simple as accentuating your curves will draw attention your legs, creating an elongated effect. A more adventurous option is the tailored trouser. The cut doesn’t swallow your figure but the fit will add length to your legs.

Bonus tip:  Petite figures can rock anything high-waisted. The high rise will instantly add height to your legs and show of your waist – it’s a double win!

Photo by Shidika Goode


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