7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Schitt’s Creek

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If you’ve heard a lot of talk about “Schitt’s Creek,” there’s a good reason why. This Canadian show made history at the 2020 Emmys, becoming the first TV show in history to win all seven comedy awards. And with their most recent win for “Best Television Series” at the Golden Globes, it’s clear this show is beloved by many. But if the awards don’t convince you, there are plenty of other reasons to pull up Netflix and binge this sitcom.


The show follows a very rich family who lost all their money and is forced to move to a small town called “Schitt’s Creek.” Their father had bought the town as a joke because of the ironic name. It’s a “flipped” version of the “Beverly Hillbillies,” if you’re familiar with that TV classic. The Roses live in the run-down motel and meet all sorts of quirky characters who are their new neighbors. It stars the very popular Eugene Levy and Catharine O’Hara, as well as Dan Levy (playing Eugene’s son on-screen and in real life!) and Annie Murphy, all four of whom won Emmys for their roles. 

The characters have such an amazing dynamic with each other. Whether you’re watching siblings David and Alexis bicker, or the iconic Moira Rose interact with her husband John, there isn’t a character you’ll get tired of. Everyone’s personality is so different but they work so well together. The way Moira wears different wigs each episode and talks with an absurd accent may seem wild, but you’ll learn to love and laugh along with her and all the other people in the odd town.

Quick Episodes

Each episode is around 22 minutes long. While there are six seasons, this show isn’t a huge time commitment or a chore to watch. And with every episode being so funny and even heartwarming, you’ll finish it in no time.

Characters You’ll Adore

Each character is so unique and fully developed. It’s so interesting and comical to watch these characters navigate their new, modest lives compared to their wealthy past. In the first episode, these characters may seem snobby and a little unlikeable; but don’t be surprised how quickly you will learn to care for these characters because of how hard they try to adapt to a new lifestyle and new friends. 

Fabulous Fashion

The fashion is pretty much a character of its own on this show. No, really. Dan Levy, one of the producers of the show, commented that outside of the writing, the wardrobe is one of the most important factors.

“We as people say so much about who we are and what we believe in and what we want and what we think of ourselves by the way that we dress. To me, the wardrobe was like a huge focus, making sure that we thought through each of our characters and making sure the details were there,” said Levy, according to WWD.com

O’Hara’s character has some of the most iconic outfits on the show. One of the most notable aspects of her character is her constantly changing hairstyle. 

“I just asked if I could wear wigs depending on my mood,” she said to WWD.com. “It works for fashion reasons, it works for hiding or revealing what I’m feeling, it works as a protective helmet, so it’s just too much fun.”

Jokes/Phrases You’ll Want to Adopt

“Ewwww David!”

This show is seriously so quotable, and the iconic “one-liners” continue throughout the series. The mannerisms and vocabulary of these characters will become so familiar to you that you’ll find yourself repeating them in your own life.

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Positive LGBTQ+ Representation

David, Dan Levy’s character, has a relationship with several people on the show, and the fluidity of his sexuality is never questioned or made to be a big deal. Instead of his pansexuality being viewed as a problem or even something out of the ordinary, it’s treated as normal. His family and the people around him not only support his relationships but celebrate them. 

Character Growth

Seeing these characters in a “fish out of water” experience, facing the hassles of everyday life they’ve never had to deal with before (but the audience certainly has) is what makes the show so funny. However, it’s also what allows these characters to grow. It is touching to watch these characters form bonds with each other as a family and with the new people they meet. They evolve immensely but still stay true to the qualities you love most about them. You’ll feel so proud of these characters as you watch them throughout each season. 

This show is hilarious yet heartwarming. It will make you laugh out loud in one episode, then misty-eyed in another. It’s relatable, quirky, wholesome and hopeful.

If you are in the mood for a comforting, feel-good show you can put on at any moment, take a break from the real world and “take a trip” to “Schitt’s Creek.” Just like the Rose family, you’ll find yourself staying in town for longer than you thought.

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